@RowSeries – 3 events down, 1 to go

The RowSeries challenge has come along at an interesting time for me. Basically, I’m motivationally drained for the ‘tough stuff’. I don’t know whether it’s that I’ve hardly stopped training for the past couple of years (only taking a break through illness) or whether it’s a byproduct of all the sprint training I was doing for the (successful) World Record attempt at Coetq – but either way, sitting down to do a session that I know is meant to have everything thrown at it is just not filling me with glee right now!!

So the RowSeries events, which demand just that are coming at me in two different ways. On the one hand, I need the motivation to actually get on the erg and go for it – but on the other hand, I don’t look  forward to them.

Take this week’s event – 8 minutes at 28spm – divided into 4 x 2 minute splits. The second one also counting as an individual score. The point being that you need to gauge this right from the start. I had what I thought would be a dry-run at it on Wednesday – and although it didn’t kill me, it wasn’t fun! The intention was to do it again tonight, only faster, but I just didn’t have the heart for it. So this effort will need to stand.

I’m sure I could squeeze another couple of seconds out of the last couple of splits, but I just couldn’t face it. At this stage in the series, I think I’m 3rd overall in the Lightweight category, and top of my age group (and weight). Hopefully the rest of the competitors won’t surge ahead due to my shoddy motivation!!



I’m going to take a break from the hard training I think – I need to love it again. Too many bailed rows, too many times dreading sitting down – and I can only hope this is just as a result of so much training, and that a break will do me good. I’ll still do some longer, lower rate rows – but apart from whatever the 4th event throws at me tomorrow, I won’t do any killer rows for 10 days or so.

Just for interest, here are the other two events I’ve done. The first was 5/3/1/3/5 with the 1 minute counting for an individual score, the second was 3 x 1000 with the last 1000 scoring on its own too.











Edit – A quick update. I’ve just submitted that score, and it’s put me in to 2nd place. Hopefully this’ll me the motivation I need to push on the last event!!

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