Slowest 2k run ever…

Training today took the form of a 2.2k run in the morning and then a 4K warm up row and 30 minute row in the afternoon.

2.2k?!?! You say! That’s not training, that’s barely sweat breaking. I ran it with my two girls, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Holly, my youngest  gave up 400m in and insisted on being carried on my shoulders. So I then had to run the next 1800m with her bouncing around on my neck!

Trying to run at a pace to keep up with my older daughter, whilst not bouncing Holly off my shoulders was a challenge! One that really took its toll on my achilles tendon / lower calf and inner quads. (Not least my lower back!!)

So in the end, from what I thought would just be fun run with the kids, I ended up with a good workout in my legs!! 17 minutes it took. Not exactly record breaking…

But enough to drain me when it came to the evening session on the erg. Like I said yesterday, I didn’t really know what to do today – but looking on the Oarbits server, I noticed a 30 min ‘Any pace’ row at 17:00 – and aimed for that.

A 15 minute warm-up blew away the cobwebs, but I knew I’d not be going all-guns for  the 30 minutes. But I quite enjoyed yesterdays 100m sprint, 400m easier session – and decided to do the same again today. A bit up and down – some sprints down at 1:40 – others towards the end as high as 1:48 – but luckily, one guy was only 15m ahead of me with 2 minutes to go – which gave me the chance to dig in and sprint.

I ended up yanking splits of 1:36 – which still confuses me – and 60+ meters ahead of the guy who was in front before. Total was 8108 for the 30 minutes – which not my best by any means, but for a higgldy-piggity session, was good enough for me.

Tomorrow, I’m considering for a 1k attempt.

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