So…eh… maybe I have the 1K World Record now? (Not for long though)

Funny how things work out. Last year, on the 21st November the seed was planted to try to break a world record. Two days later, training started. That was Nov 23rd. I gave myself a year to break it.

Unfortunately, the planned attack at this year’s Scottish Indoor Champs didn’t go ahead due to illness. So my ‘year to break it’ failed.

Or did it…

Today is November 23rd, exactly a year since I decided I’d try this. And…


So what happened? Well as far as I can guess, Concept2 have gone through all the ‘Historical Records’ – records which have no proof, and which they’ve only taken people’s words for – and removed them. Some of these records will have been legitimate – so it’s a shame for those who have had these records for a long time. But with the advent of verification codes on the PM5 – and therefore a rock solid way to prove that a row has been done (though not necessarily by who – or in the case of my lightweight category, it doesn’t prove their weight status either – but it’s a lot close to the truth.

Woo-hoo I’m a World Record and British Record holder.

But wait… there’s a sting to this tale.

This isn’t going to last long. In fact, it’s only going to last as long as it’ll take for the Concept2 people to verify a new score. Tim Male just did a 3:00.9 – legitimately smashing my 3:04.6  – and taking not only the World Record – but the British Record off my hands too. So this morning, I was a British Record holder. This evening I was a British and World Record holder. And sometime tomorrow – I’ll be neither.

Funny game this…

However, I’m actually really pleased. Although I got a kick out of thinking I was a WR holder – it isn’t/wasn’t really true. I just got it because of a shuffle of numbers. Now that Tim has beaten me – I have someone to aim for. If I can beat his time, I’ll happily take the WR as my own.

In response to this, tonight’s session was a 250 x 8/1 rest as fast as I could (well, actually as it’s -4 right now, I eased myself into it a bit – but the last few reps of this are very promising.)

15129559_10154572980181278_4562945249662965378_oThis time, I’m not waiting a year. I’m training hard for the 2K’s coming up – and then hopefully in April, the WR will be in my hands again.


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