Some 500’s and some 4000’s

Back to a good routine today. Got out at lunch – 2651m warmup (10mins) followed by 6×500/r1 

I know it’s a bit false because of the 1 min rests, but holding 1:42 and under felt good. Last rep came in at 1:36.4 – and I felt more powerful than the 1:42’s. If only I had the fitness to hold it for 2k! 

Then this evening I decided to go for simple endurance. 2k warmup (strapless) followed by

4K @ 1:56 – 20spm (came in at 1:55.8)

Rest 2 mins

4K @ 1:54 – 22spm (came in at 1:53.5) 

A long sweaty row, but as I’ve been drinking all this water today, I had a lot in me to sweat out!! 

Toughness score:

6 x 500 – 7.5/10

2 x 4K – 7/10

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