Some last minute 40/40’s

A bit of a confused training week for me this week – as I thought I had one extra day!! Stupid me, I forgot about those pesky rest days.

This is all in preparation for the Just Row competition in Manchester on Sunday (which I mentioned in my last post).

So, yesterday I had a low rate 30 and a sprint session as my last major sessions before the event. The low rate was dull, as it would be – but the 40 sec on, 40 sec off x 20 was an interesting one. The plan was to hold 1:39 or less for all 20 intervals – hoping I’d be able to keep it up until the end. All the time, trying to focus on technique, which I boiled down to ‘keep hands high’.

Here’s a video of the last 5 of them – so successful was the pace plan, that I managed to drop down to 1:30 for the last interval. Happy with this.

As is my tradition, tomorrow I’ll just do what I can a ‘Stirring the tanks’ row. I’ll warm up for 10 minutes, then do some intervals at 1:38 – then do a long slow 4K to get the muscles loose.

Then on Sunday, it’s race day. I’ll let you know how I get on…


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