Spicy Nandos. Tasty, but damaging!

I learned two things today. Well, one and a guess.

If I were writing a TV show, I’d tell you the guess first, and the thing I learned afterwards – as it’ll have more impact this way. However, it makes no sense to do it that way round.

I had a great morning with the kids, we went sledging at the ‘Intu’ indoor ski-slope. Real snow, all up my trouser legs and gloves! But loads of fun. Afterwards, we all went to Nandos for lunch (40 of us in all, which must have been fun for the people who worked there!)

A ‘hot’ chicken burger with chips – my usual. With a week before the EIRC this is maybe a bit dangerous – as there’s loads of carbs and not a whole load of goodness in there (apart from the chicken I guess) – but hopefully leans more toward not good for me – rather than bad for me. If that makes sense. But the ‘hot’ sauce really WASN’T good for me. Not in a ‘ring of fire’ sense – more how it affected performance on the ERG.

A couple of hours after lunch, the plan was to do a 5k ‘Fletcher’ style warmup – then the 5K challenge for this month’s CTC. But 2K into the warm up, the hot sauce decided to make itself known back up into my throat. And it just wouldn’t settle down. For the last couple of K during the warm up, when trying to push it a bit more, it just kept on advancing. So I decided to bail on the 5K – as I knew I’d probably HH (handle down) after 2K if it kept on going.

Instead, I went for 12 x 250 +150 rest. And that seemed the sensible way to do it. By the time the hot sauce rose up my throat, I got to the rest portion of the session and it backed off. And it wasn’t too bad a session either. The first six were all done at around 1:39 – then I crept up gradually so that the 12th was down at 1:34. Tough, but by no means destructive. Which, with only a week to go until the EIRC’s – is probably a good idea.

Tomorrow’s plan – let’s try the 5K again…

Oh – and my guess. Regardless of my hot sauce issues, I felt really lethargic. Now, this could have been because of the sledging earlier in the day – or, I’m wondering if it’s in reaction to the res day yesterday. Which kinda falls into line with the ‘weekend’ problems I have had in the past. Yes, it’s got more to do with diet, and booze – but I’ve improved the diet and cut out the booze – which makes me wonder if it’s a bad reaction to getting started after a rest day.

Which is why when I taper before a race, I have the full rest day on the Friday, and do a light row on the Saturday – pick up the muscles ready for the race on Sunday.

Let’s hope this plan works for the EIRC’s next Sunday!

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