Still chugging down the water

Interesting starting point. I was 1.5kg heavier this morning than I was on Friday.

I didn’t drink anywhere near as much water over the weekend. And, I backed off the healthy eating a bit. Still no booze, cake, chocolate etc – but

  • Friday night Spaghetti Bolognese (Julie and I have had this every Friday night we possibly can since we’ve lived together
  • Saturday night Tagliatelle Salmon Carbonara
  • Sunday night Pizza and chips

So not exactly eating clean! And sure, they’re not great for you, and I’m sure some weight would be added from them – but 1.5kg? That’a equivalent to about 10,000 calories surplus to my MBR!

Which makes me wonder whether the weight loss I had last week, and lost some of by Monday is down to food lying in my stomach. Drinking all this water makes it easier to digest – and then through the weekend, it all just lay in my stomach again.

As I’m back to drinking a gallon a day again – it’ll be interesting to see what I’m like in the morning. Dinner tonight was steak (‘Salmon’ cut – I’ve never had a Salmon cut of steak before, it was nice – but I overcooked it due to needing to catch a spider!!!) and a whole load of veggies.

Training – at lunch I went for this month’s CTC (10 minutes – how far can I go) – but instead of a free rate which I did on Saturday (2864m) I went for a rate capped r15 version (2599m). I was a bit concerned about my back – in case I tweaked it due to the forces on it, but I survived. I didn’t intend to have another go at this, but I’m rather irked at not breaking 2600.

And this evening I went for a quickie, as I was too hungry to go too long. So I ended up going for 5 x 500m with 2min rest – and tried to hit under 2K time.

Not too bad in the end – but I think I could have pushed harder in the earlier intervals.

IMG_1369 IMG_1368

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