The fast 30 importance of #indoorrowing

I’ve been looking at my logbook. Yeah, THAT’S how interesting I am. And taking a look at how my training has changed since I started indoor rowing at the end of 2014.

When I had no idea what a plan was, it looks like I’d pick a few ranking distances (1/2/5/6k) and go for them. Then the odd 500m sprint and what looks like some 500m/2min rear intervals.

And then it was clear to see when I bright RowPro – as my logbook starts to fill up with 30 minute rows. And the interesting thing to see is how this progresses. I’m not sure whether any of them were lower rate attempts, but I don’t think I knew about low rate rowing back then!!

The two in April were my comeback after a rib stress fracture, but looking at the upward trajectory of the distances I was managing, the work was paying off.

The question is, was the work making me a better rower, or better at doing 30 minute rows? And of course, this is omitting the other training I was doing (this image is only showing the 30s, not the other rows I did through this period.)

This leaves me with a dilemma. As being the part of me that is finding it tough right now is sustained max effort rows, should I incorporate the fast 30s again and sacrifice some of the sessions on my training plan?

As part of the Lightweight challenge, I’ve got a 30 min TT today to do, which I’m hoping to squeeze over the 8k mark. I think this will be revealing!!

Strength is returning, Fitness is returning, Mental fortitude needs work, and I think it’s that last one that will need to grow more if I ever want to return to racing again as a competitor rather than a number filler.

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