The good with the bad (stomach)

It happens scarily regularly. I hit some kind of change that feels like a quantum leap in my training, and then I get smoked by something.

Usually just injury or illness. Nothing more sinister yet. But quite often I’ve hit a bit of increase in motivation and things have gone south.

2015 after entering crashB in August, I over trained and got rib stress Fractures by November, which made the February race painful.

2017 after a bad crashB I over trained and got the same, ruling me out of proper training through March and April.

2018 I hit a good steam of training and then got ill, missing the World Champs. Then on what felt like a strong comeback in March, I cut my hand and had to take 2 months out.

Now, I’ve hit a few tweaks that I think have improved my stroke. 1) Compress more. 2) start the drive with a higher handle 3) don’t close knees – let them open.

All of this seemed to really smooth and help my stroke/split times. In fact on Thursday I was gliding along comfortably at 2k +12 at 26spm.

But then, I started to feel sick. And it got worse. It’s been a bad weekend in fact. Some kind of tummy bug.

So right off the back of a breakthrough. It’s like 1 step forward, two back. As today is the third straight day of no training.

I did come up with a cunning plan though. As nothing was staying in my body for more than an hour or two, I decided to eat and drink whatever I wanted.

I get the feeling that was a dumb move… but at least it kept my spirits up!

Let’s just hope it’s all back to normal tomorrow!

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