The powerful drive of Team Fitness Matters

Fitness Matters is an entirely different team to be part of. Free Spirits were just that. Free. There were those who were there for competition and those who were just part of the team to belong to a bigger hive – but paid no real attention to any kind of competition or challenge. Perfect for many, including me when I started. 

But there is a sense of team responsibility that has developed since shifting to Fitness Matters. Whether it’s because I’m new there, maybe it’s because I want to make them all proud (well, let’s face it – it’s Mr B I want to make proud) but I’ve a renewed sense of purpose when it come to competition and challenges. One I didn’t think I’d  actually lost. 

Ironically this realisation has come about because of not being able to do my second session today. Lunch was great – 7k in 25:40 – from a cold start, which means the first 2k are at 1:54 average. 

So I felt I was on fire!!!

Until I did ‘arms only’ for what ended up being only 200m. At which point I felt something twang in my tricep. My thinking is that this is due to over-reaching and jerking my tricep/tendons with no initial momentum to help (as in a normal stroke). 

I hoped the afternoon would let it ease off, but alas it’s still sore so decided to have a rest tonight instead of sprint session. 

What does this have to do with my initial waffle about teams?  Well a couple of things. 

1) The Fall Team Challenge is on right now, requiring team members to log as many meters as possible between mid September and mid October. I missed out on adding another 10k today

2) I’m more worried that this won’t have cleared up by tomorrow. Meaning a continuing loss of meters and with my first month on the CTC coming up for Fitness Matters, I want to be all-guns blazing by Saturday!

3) Sam’s plan. Session 3 is always the one I have problems during. If it’s not work or illness it’s injury or time issues. And once again it’s session 3 I’m delaying!!! 

Hopefully a good night’s sleep with some KT tape on will mean I’m ok for tomorrow. Whether I’ll be able to sprint, I won’t know until I start. 

Find out tomorrow!! 

Oh, and it would be terribly remiss of me not to suggest you join Fitness Matters. A very motivating, but still friendly and social team. And we could do with the meters!!!

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