The thin end of the taper

Today then was the last day of the the taper week. Well, technically tomorrow is the last day – but as it’s a complete rest day, that’s not exactly a taper – it’s a full stop!

I think it’s gone to plan.

Monday I PB’d my 5K

Tuesday I got a bit negative about a 6:48.5 2k

Wednesday was 1000m in 3:14

Today I managed 350m in 1 minute. I’d have liked to have gone further, but these short fast sprints are certainly my weak spot.

So tomorrow, nothing. I’ll maybe go for a walk at lunch, but that’s about it. I won’t even do any ab work.

Saturday I’ll do an easy 5K. Then Sunday is race day – 5K warm up + 2K race. What’s a bit frustrating is that I’ll be 5K under 300,000 for the month – but I don’t want to push just to hit a figure and then end up too tired on Sunday!

Until Sunday then….

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