Time to stop training, and start trying!

I’ve said this a couple of times to different people over the past week.

The last ‘real’ race I did was in April – the Train Manchester event (which I really recommend looking at entering) and although I had the World Record row in June, and various CTC challenges between then and now, it’s fair to say I’ve not had any 100% efforts in the past few months.

It’s all been training. Yes, some of the sessions have been very tough, but they have all been geared around training to be better, not actually being better!

So with the indoor season peering around the curtains, waiting for it’s time to shine again, I need to get my head back on the game for performing on the day.

The funny thing is, I don’t think I’m in a bad place physically. I’m sure I could be fitter and faster, but I will always think that.

Take this session:

16 x 150m.

You can see by the LiveRowing screenshot that rather than slowing down towards the end, I was getting faster. I think my rate increased, but regardless, I see this as a good sign.

Which brings me to that old familiar song. It’s not the work that’s tough – it’s the desire to keep going that’s tough. I could do those 150’s all day if I had it in me. But a 2k at max power – I get into it and just don’t hit the mindset to keep going at that pace.

In amongst continuing to work on technique (I think I’ve finally developed the power and fitness to match the technique now) I have to make sure my training involves a LOT more stuff at race rate (if not specifically race pace) but also do things that make me happier pushing hard for longer sessions, not just short intervals.

This was a good session for that. After 4 2ks – the distance doesn’t seem as elongated as I might think when I first launch into it (although, these were at paces a fair bit slower than by 1:39.5 2k PB I must be said)

So far, I’ve entered the Welsh indoor Champs in November (2k) and the Scottish Indoor Champs the week before (1k and 500m). The jury’s out as to whether I enter BRIC or not…

Like I said in the beginning,

Gotta stop training, and start trying…

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