Today: 20/20/20 and pulling air at 124DF

A good couple of sessions today.

First one was 20/20/20 – but this was after a warm-up where I felt fantastic! From cold to 2750m in 10 minutes. Normally I’ll spill over 2600 in the 10 minutes, but it felt great today so held quicker than 1:52 to hit 2750.

But then the 20/20/20 – 20 x 20seconds on and 20 seconds rest. The aim was to hit my 1K goal time for as many of the intervals as possible. And apart from the first 8 which I used to ease myself into it, I managed it. A proper tough workout, but well within my grasp. So if I try it again, I’ll probably bump it up to 25 or 30 of them.

Then, as the day wore on, my shoulders started to get sore. Figuring the Bursa-tendons again, so instead of a solid Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 22.07.06endurance session tonight, I decided to tweak things a bit – by dropping the drag factor to 124 instead of my usual 165.

And then, I tried to focus on the push from the legs as much as possible, to ease the burden on my shoulders. Distance wise, I aimed for 8K – at 20spm. 30 minutes and 27 seconds later, I hit 8004 and stopped.

Such a low DF is interesting. Still needs a lot of effort at such low rates, and it certainly did take the burden off my shoulders as hoped. I don’t think I could sprint at that DF, I’d over-spin the strokes – but a very interesting, and repeatable exercise indeed.

Toughness ratings:

20/20/20 – 9/10

124DF at 20spm for 8K – 8/10


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