Today: 2k / 1500 / 1000 intervals

Until I can work out a list of all the sessions I’d like to work through, I’m kinda winging it. It’s all going to be based around existing sessions I’ve done from other plans, just tweaked and re-purposed for 1K instead of 2K’s or 10K’s etc.

One deviation I’d like to roll in to these sessions is instead of planning them from my current PB, I will based them on the pace I need to be at. So if the session dictates I row at 20 seconds slower than my current 2K PB, I’ll make it my goal PB based on my 1K goal – which to remind you, is 1:30 splits. So my 2K time should be 1:35 for these calculations. This may mean longer rest periods, but I’ll address them on a session by session basis.

Anyway, today I still worked around 1:37 for my 2K time, just to see how I’d manage. Here’s the session:

  1. 2000m at 1:55 @ 20spm
  2. 2000m at 1:53 @ 22spm
  3. 1500m at 1:51 @ 24 spm
  4. 1500m at 1:49 @ 26spm
  5. 1000m at 1:47 @ 28spm
  6. 1000m at 1:45 @ 30spm
  7. 1000m at 1:43 @ 32spm

Each interval had 1:45 rest between. It started quite easy – it wasn’t until the end of the first 1500m that I started to feel it. Things got tougher as it went on, with interval 6 really feeling the burn, and the end of interval 7 leaving me on the floor. So a good session!!

Bringing in the principles of the Pete Plan, tomorrow will be a distance row. Likely 10K. But I’ll play by ear.

Today’s perceived effort 8/10


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