Today – 2Kday at 30spm and a 1min PB equal. Ooo that’s an exciting update…

2Kday today. Always fun. Bouyed slightly by my 400’s a few days ago, I decided to cap this one at 30spm and see where it would take me. Initial plan for splits was to try to hold 1:42.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 17.06.30In the end, my average WAS 1:42 – but only because I sped up with 200m to go as you can see in the graph above. The good news was that I had a lot more in me so the plan is to do the same thing next week, but try to hold 1:41. If I can eventually get down to 1:40 at 30spm I’ll be really pleased, as hopefully I’ll be able to hit 1:39 at 32spm with the same kind of ease.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 21.43.05Then I went for the Monthly Lightweight’s Challenge (on Facebook) which was a 1 minute all out effort. Kinda the opposite of above – I started fast, and faded at the end. But then that’s to be expected with a 1min effort. Matched my PB of 352 though, which is nice. Though I do look forward to having another go on fresh legs.


Tomorrow – a rest day. I’ll paddle a couple of hundred meters – just because I don’t like a blank day in my diary – but I won’t do anything of note.

Today’s toughness scores:

2KDay – 8.5/10

1 min – 10/10

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