Today: A pitiful 1K test. I’m getting fed up with these alarm bells!!

Last chance saloon tonight for the Lightweight’s monthly challenge on Facebook. A simple 1k test. As this is what I’m training to break the world record in – it should be simple, huh?

I broke the British with 3:04.6 – it’s a couple of month’s later of hard training, sure I’m not likely to get to 3:05 as I don’t have people round me and I’ve not been doing any sprint training. But 3:10 should be easy, right?


1KTestErm, that’s not meant to happen!

3:17? Really? I got to the 550 mark and my cardio system just got overloaded. Legs were burning, sure, but it was my breathing etc that just went kaplooie.

Ok, so Friday was a hard interval test for the C2 challenge. Yesterday was a hard test for the CTC (which also went badly… hmmm) and so today probably wasn’t the best day to do this. But 3:17?!?!?

So another alarm bell rings for me. If anything ever proved to me I need to be spending more time at the higher rate heavy cardio stuff if I want to break this record – this was it. But, it gives me a number to break. Which is good. A bad effort, and one that I’ll beat easily when I’m fresher, but still, it feels like 2:59 is lightyears away right now.

Rest day tomorrow? Nah. Thinking about a half-marathon tomorrow…

Session toughness score: 10/10 – and it shouldn’t have been like that.

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