Today – CTC improvements and 30minutes back with @digitalrowing Genfit session

I’ll do this one the other way round…RowPro

This evening, I knew I wanted to do a 30 minute ladder, and it also just so happened that I had a window at 20:00 (UK Time) to do it in, which fell in beautifully with the RowPro Genfit 30 minute row. It’s been a while since I’ve hooked into one of them – I’ve spent so long doing Sam’s structured plans, which meant I needed to either set up the monitor for specific splits, there was rest time involved, or the session was longer than 30 minutes – which meant that I’ve not been able to join a Genfit for over 6 months.

The plan was:

6 mins each of 1:54(22spm) 1:52(24) 1:50(26) 1:52(24) and 1:54(24) – if done right, it should hit 8000. 
And I kinda stuck to it. The first 1:54 and 1:52 were a bit wavery – but the 1:50 felt soooooo good. I could have kept going at 1:50 for a lot longer, but had to remember that this was meant to be a structured endurance night, not a ‘row myself into the ground’ night. The only real hiccup to my plans were with 1 minute to go, when I got into a bit of a race for 3rd. I ended up at 1:30(22) – couldn’t believe I could pull 1:30 at 22!! 
A tip for those who try to double up on RowPro and LiveRowing:- Don’t turn off the ‘Show Relative Meters’ option in RowPro – it causes LiveRowing to fail – that’s 8057m I won’t see this week on my LiveRowing total… grrrr.
A bit before this, I wanted to try to improve my 300m time for the CTC. Last time I did it, it was 52.3 – now it’s down to 50.6! I’m hoping to try the 400 tomorrow, as my current improvements are:
100 – down 0.2 to 16.5
200 – down 0.9 to 32.8
300 – down 1.7 to 50.6
I’m putting this improvement down to the fact that I’m doing each one individually now, rather than one after the other – but hopefully it’s also because I’m getting faster! Surely!?
Toughness score for the 30 min – 7/10
Toughness score for the 300 – 8/10

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