Today: Facebook Concept2 Monthly Challenge

Not an official Concept2 challenge. Just something that users have set up to give year round once a month competition.

If you read yesterday’s post (really? You did?) you may remember I’d suggested today was going to be the CTC and is knee again forgo a 2kDay Friday 2000m.

Well I felt quite bad about that, so as the C2 challenge incorporated a 2k interval, I thought I’d do that instead.

PLUS avid followers of this blog will remember I’ve been playing Wii Bowling with my daughters recently. Hilariously, I’m carrying a Wii bowling related injury! My right hand ‘lat’ is strained from all the effort. If ever there was a reason for a ‘lol’ it’s now!! But what this means is that it’s quite sore to pull the handle into my chest.

Not that that stopped me…

But it did give me another reason to change my plans, and do the Concept2 challenge instead of the CTC.

This months, it’s 500 (rest 1min) 1000 (rest 2min) 2000 (rest 3min) 1000 (rest 2min) 500 (rest 1min) 250.

And this is how it went:

  • 500 – 1:44.5 – SPM 29 – held it conservatively, as I knew what was coming!
  • 1000 – 3:30.2 – SPM 29 – Again, went conservative, breathing hard at the end
  • 2000 – 7:05.2 – SPM 29 – I figured I’d be over 7:00 – but just held what was comfortably knackering!
  • 1000 – 3:28.9 – SPM29 – On the home straight I knew I could push it a bit harder
  • 500 – 1:38.9 – SPM32 – Knowing there was only this and a 250 to go, I knew I could hit this on harder
  • 350 – 44.6 – SPM38 – Just went for it. Didn’t look at the monitor, just counted down from 27 strokes.

Total time was 18:12.2 – and I was properly bushed by the end. But I think I should have pushed harder on the first two intervals. I could have hit the first 500 at 1:40 and probably not suffered during the 2000 for it.

Session toughness rating: 8/10 (I’ll be doing this one again!)

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