Tomorrow’s a big 1K

1K prep

Since last week’s blind 1K, I’ve been working this week on actually looking at the monitor when I do the 1K test (revolutionary idea, I know!) so I can maintain a split.

Bearing in mind tomorrow is the Madchester Free Spirits get-together, I want to have a big bash attempt at the 1K and hopefully record a noteworthy score.

So, with a goal of 3:06 in mind (I did 3:08 in November. If I haven’t improved at least 2 seconds since then, I might as well stop now.) I have been trying to hold a 1:32.5 split for as long as possible, then backing off and finishing off the last 2 or 300m strong.

First attempt wasn’t so good. I think I made it to 500m, but had to stop. Second attempt on Wednesday went very well – I managed 600m and stopped because I didn’t want to push too hard, not because I had to. Albeit I think my average had dropped to 1:33.5 by then.

And today is the graph at the top of the page. I got a good honest 500m into it – and could easily have kept going. Well… Easily is a bit strong. I could certainly have kept going, put it that way. I dropped down for 2oom, then blasted the last 300m at just slightly slower than the pace needed.

But, this was (mostly) on purpose. I don’t want to destroy myself today, only to find nothing left in the tank tomorrow. As I said after the blind 1K, I hope that the occasion, my training, and everyone (hopefully) cheering me on will get me to crack through any pain/brain problems, and hopefully I’ll get a good score.

If nothing else, I need to take inspiration from my 6 year old girl, Jaime, who rowed a 1K pb last night. 7:30.4 – She was in tears for the last 100m as she was so tired (she didn’t know how else to express it) – very proud of her. I’ll think of her tomorrow when it starts to burn!

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