Trust your race plan for a 2K!

Today, I raced at the English Indoor Rowing Championships in Manchester. A great day, where I was able to watch a lot of amazing events. From Sam Blythe’s 6:03.x in the 40-49 HWT to Charles Green’s 5:59.x in the HWT open – it was incredible.

Amazing to be part of a larger team too. In no way dissing Free Spirits (my old team) but having a table with a bunch of fellow Fitness Matters team-mates, and most adult races having at least one competitor from the team, it made a great day (and the medal haul was fantastic too).

As for my race. There’s always a general level of dread/fear/panic before a 2K – and add in performance anxiety when there’s a race situation, and there’s a lot of over-thinking to be done!

For me, it was the race plan.

Option 1 – The plan I’d ‘planned’ on – 1:39 / 1:40 /1:40 /1:39 (giving 6:38)

Option 2 – Keep it simple – 1:40 /1:40 /1:40 /sprint like mad

In the end, I opted for option 1. A decision made even easier when the scorecard fella sitting behind me offered to give me encouragement. I told him the plan, and he was great! I hope I said thankyou enough to him as I left, but having his voice in my ear really helped. Each time I fell off the time, he’d pipe up – keep me honest, and I’d get back on it again.

And with 500 and 300 to go, I think he was shouting encouragement. But frankly, I couldn’t have told you my name during those last meters!

  • First 500m went well
  • Second weren’t too bad – I certainly started to feel it, but it was ok
  • Third it was starting to bite a lot
  • Fourth – the plan was to sprint at 500, but I was in no place to do that, so waited until 300m
  • 200m to go – I was basically flailing at the handle! Terrible technique, but I did manage to keep the splits at around 1:38
  • And here’s the result:

I’ll take this as a good result. I’ll stick to this plan for Boston next week – and hopefully I can hit the last 500m harder to drop some more time off it.

Really happy to win Gold again at EIRC.

Roll on Boston!

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