Two weeks until @FMPTExeter Devon IRC

Forgive me if the headline makes no sense. It means the Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing Championships. Happening on 17th September. 

I’ve entered the 5k and the 500m – but truth be told I’m not sure if I can manage the 500. I’ll see in the day, but as my sister is acting as chauffeur – it mate be stretching it a bit to hang around. 

The question is, what should I do for training? Well handily,  this month’s CTC is perfect training material. How far can I row in 10 minutes.

I had a go last night and managed 2864 – ok but I’m sure I can do a lot better. But as well as being a tough, fun challenge, it’ll make the perfect lunchtime raining session. 

As long as work doesn’t get in the way (it might) the plan is this:

  • Monday – 10mins max at 15spm
  • Tuesday – rest day
  • Wednesday – 10mins max at 28spm
  • Thursday – 10mins max at 20spm
  • Friday – 2kday (waits for no man)

What I’ve not worked out is what the evening sessions need to be. I’ll figure that out tomorrow. 

Hopefully I can get this 10 minute effort up to 2950 by the end of the month. And as the month progresses, my 5k time will hopefully be spot on when I do the race in two weeks. 

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