Why does the drunkest guy always work out the bill!?!?!

Don’t look for the punchline, it’s just an observation… and not really rowing related, though I’ll still waffle about that below… But I’ve just returned from a night out with friends, cheat night, off for a curry. Very nice too. But the bill came, and the guy who has had most to drink is the one looking after splitting 7 ways, working out a tip, deducting cash vs card and then working out change. Needless to say it took a while to resolve…

Anyway, all good company, and an entertaining way to finish. 

Why so happy to go for a curry? A long week of training and a bit of a relief that my tricep niggle didn’t come to anything major. 

A lot of quality sessions back on Sam’s plan – supplemented with my own sessions out with his. I backed off a bit for my second session tonight due to time constraints. 

The plan had been to do Sam’s endurance session at lunch, followed by a 2k effort lasting as long as I could at 1:39 – but I had to change that second one to a 2500m alternating 100m on 100m off. 

The good news is that I was pulling down at 1:28 for a lot of that, even down to 1:24. 

I’ve yet to string it together for anything longer than 500m though! 

Still, I’ve just entered the North East of Scotland rowing champs, taking place next Saturday in Aberdeen. So that’ll test my 1k time for sure!! 

Final Sam session of the week tomorrow – and the the FM WOW on Sunday morning hopefully. 

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