Yesterday: 2KDay – went as well as expected after so much interval work

Yesterday’s 2K was never going to set the world on fire. I could tell even from the warm-up that this was not going to be a 6:40 style of effort. So rather than panic myself my looking at ever increasing splits, I covered the screen, left only the meters and the stroke rate, and just went by feel.


The graph tells the story really. At the beginning I naturally slipping into a 1:40 pace at 32spm, but as my heart rate went up and the energy started to drain, the rate slowed, as did the pace. Then with 300 to go, I just knuckled down and pushed hard and fast.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 08.23.08

So not a 2K I’m proud of, but these friday 2Ks aren’t actually about results, they’re about getting used to doing them again, so they don’t come off as the bogeyman when I do go to races. Next week, I think I’ll try the entire thing at 28spm. Then maybe 30 the week after and 32 the week after that.

Session toughness score – usually 10/10 – yesterday, 8/10

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